Infratornado - Audio Jammer

INFRATORNADO® - Microphone jammer

INFRATORNADO® - New model, new possibilities, amazing effectiveness.

Infratornado® is an innovative device in the field of information protection. in the form of a suitcase in full camouflage. Effectively protects confidential conversations, deliberations, business conferences and secret meetings from eavesdroppers and registrars.


The most effective and quiet,
silent killer of microphones


The Infratornado® device uses a unique system to generate jamming signals that are dynamically variable in the time. The comparative tests carried out show that this system provides about 30 percent more effective jamming of listening devices than other available jammers this type. In addition, proper placement of ultrasonic transducers has allowed to reduce harmful negative interference (quenching) of emitted jamming waves.

The Infratornado® device has no built-in programmable processors with volatile and non-volatile memory, ROM, PROM, EPROM or EEPROM and no radio transmitters, receivers, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GSM and no other ...

Technical characteristics:

  • Type of work: a multi-channel system for generating jamming signals dynamically changing in the time.
  • The most effective range from 0.5 to 3 meters. Maximum range: not determined (depending on the wiretap, a range of up to about 10 – 15 meters should be assumed).
  • Different ultrasonic emitters: 60 emitters in the range 25-40 kHz
  • Maximum level of interfering signal: 80 dB at a distance of 1m.
  • Operational direction of the Infratornado® 60 ° horizontal and vertical.
  • Built-in self-testing system ensures proper operation of the device.
  • The disappearance of the jamming signal during operation of the device or its reduced effectiveness is signaled by a flashing blue diode. If the cause is a dead battery, then after about 1 minute the device will automatically power off to prevent damage.
  • Power supply: internal gel battery 12V / 7Ah (SLA) - (QAPTEC0022).
  • Current consumption during stand-by: 30 mA at 12.5 V battery voltage.
  • Current consumption during operation: < 700 mA at 12.8 V battery voltage.
  • Battery and external power supply socket protection: 2 x fuses 2.0A.
  • Total working time from the built-in battery: 6 hours
  • Buffer operation with an external power supply connected.
  • Charging the battery: external 110-230 V / 18V AC adapter
  • Maximum charging time for a completely discharged battery: up to 10 hours.
  • Battery charge status control: micro button, three LEDs show the status.
  • Signaling of the charging process: red diode; fully charged: green diode.
  • Switching on the power supply in stand-by mode, switching on the emission of the interfering signal, switching off the device by means of camouflaged buttons.
  • Protection against unauthorized opening: additional internal locks.
  • Securing the suitcase after unauthorized opening. Reinforced internal construction.
  • Weight approx. 5,5 kg, operating temperature range from 0 ° to + 40 ° C (32 ° to 104 ° Fahrenheit)
  • It is recommended that after 45 minutes of staying within the range of the device, take a break of about 15 minutes (Not obligatory).
  • Dimensions: 44 x 33 x 10 cm, Warranty: 2 years, Made in EU.
  • Attention: Because there is no specific research on how ultrasound affects humans, it is recommended: Within the reach of the Infratornado® device should absolutely not stay pregnant women, people under 18 and animals (dogs, cats).

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